ABM provides value added service relating to the formation of companies in the BVI.


For all entities under its administration, ABM ensures compliance with all statutory and other legal requirements to maintain client entities in good standing. This service includes:

  • Incorporation of BVI Companies and Limited Partnerships

  • Maintaining company’s share registers, director registers and officer registers

  • Maintaining minutes, books and other records

  • Preparing resolutions, minutes and other corporate documentation

  • Preparing documents and attending to the necessary filing with the Registry of Corporate Affairs with respect to :

                    1. Name Changes, Amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association.

                    2. Changes in shareholders, directors or officers.

                    3. Variations in authorised capital.

                    4. Drafting and Registration of Charges or their release

                    5. As well as more routine company secretarial procedures.

                    6. Special structured Memorandum and Articles


The standard B.V.I. company has 50,000 shares of either par or no par value each. Any stated currency can be used. BVI companies can have a greater number or even an unlimited number of shares. The Registry charge rises substantially. Shares may have different classes or series.

Limited Partnerships (L.P’S)

The BVI statutory Limited Partnership can be a very useful tool. It must have a general partner. Normally a BVI company is used to limit liability. Limited Partners are liable only up to the value taken. L.P’s can be with or without legal personality.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence must be given to the Registered Agent. In essence it would be a Government issued ID with photograph and proof of address from a utility account or other reliable means. A reference letter may be requested. The ID must be current.