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ABM provides value added service relating to the formation of companies in the BVI.


Our services range from Company Formation, drafting Memorandum and Articles of Association to arranging for the filing of necessary documents with the Registry of Corporate Affairs

ABM provides a comprehensive range of advisory and company secretarial services to BVI Business Companies and Limited Partnerships, including the provision of directors and shareholders where needed.

Our team is very competent and strives hard to provide a fast, accurate service. Incorporation is same day and services are within four business hours.

In addition we are familiar with and can assist in Yacht Registration in the B.V.I Shipping Register.

British Virgin Islands

The Best Offshore jurisdiction for international business

BVI Company set up is ideal for startup companies as they can be operated from anywhere in the world and have no restrictions with respect to carrying out the business or hold assets.

The BVI Companies Act allows for BVI incorporation as:

  • A company limited by shares,
  • A company limited by guarantee,
  • A company limited by guarantee authorised to issue shares,
  • An unlimited company with or without shares,
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV),
  • Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC)

By far the most popular is a company limited by shares. The standard British Virgin Islands company has 50,000 shares. They may be either par value or no par value and may be in any currency selected.

It also offers numerous fund types that are suitable for a variety of investment products and investors. No, wonder, BVI has the second largest offshore jurisdiction hedge formation in the world.

Start taking advantage of the various benefits of BVI company information. Register offshore company in BVI today!

ABM provides value added service relating to the formation of companies in the BVI. We are also experience with Funds, Approved and Incubator Fund license applications. We have an authorised fund representative and can offer a full service.

What’s more? BVI company set up is very quick and fast process with same day registration possible.

If you are looking for a British Virgin Islands company formation, contact us at ABM. Our team is very competent and strive hard to provide fast and accurate service.

British Virgin Islands company formation: Benefits

  • Tax Benefits
  • Attractive and flexible Legal Framework
  • Strong asset protection
  • Provisions against confiscation
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Minimal Corporate Requirements
  • Excellent Location

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