ABM provides value added service relating to the formation of companies in the BVI.

We offer a turn key approach to all vessel registration needs in the Shipping Registry of the British Virgin Islands; small (under 24 metres) and large.

Recent amendments allow personal registration for citizens of almost all non UN Sanctioned Countries. An attractive commercial alternative is registration in a BVI company.

Why Is BVI Boat Registration The Most Suitable Option for all vessels.

The BVI has a modern yacht registry system allowing yachts and other vessels to be registered quickly and securely. More over, they are recognized and accepted internationally. In 2007, the BVI Shipping Registry started offering Category 1 registrations, which include large cargo vessels of unlimited tonnage and megayachts grossing less than 3000 tonnes. Presently, it offers registration of vessels of different types and unlimited tonnage. Other related services available via the registry are as under:

  • Registration and discharge of mortgages
  • Change of ownership
  • Transfer of ownership

Benefits of BVI Yacht Registration

  • Low registration fees
  • No sales tax VAT, or capital gains tax in the BVI
  • BVI is a functioning jurisdiction and has a stable political environment
  • Ultra-modern yachting and accommodation facilities
  • No income tax on the compensation of the ship’s crew.
  • No Tax on the mortgage, profits, and dividends.
  • BVI is the yachting mecca of the Caribbean and deemed the most reputably Offshore Financial Hub.

BVI Yacht Registration Procedural Details

On behalf of Yacht owners we submit an application to the Registrar of Shipping for BVI boat registration and will:

  1. Submit the application in the prescribed form for approval of the yacht’s name.
  2. Details of the yacht – its tonnage, propulsion method, proposed trade for the ship, with
  3. Proof of ownership, obtain measurement and survey certificate and confirmation of marking, and
  4. Appointment of authorized officer and representative residing in the BVI.
  5. Once all the documents are found to be in order, the Registrar assigns an Official Number, Carving, and Marking Note.

The vessel is duly registered after the carving, marking notes are returned and the fees are paid. A Certificate of British Registry is issued which contains the details of the yacht and the owners. The complete process approximately takes (on average) a time period of one to two weeks, if all the paperwork is done correctly.

What is needed?

  • Passport and Proof of Address and Company documents if applicable,
  • Valid Bill of Sale or First Cession of ownership,
  • Builders Certificate details if new,
  • Previous registration if applicable,
  • We can attend to any deletion if in English,
  • Measurement and Tonnage Certificate which we can arrange worldwide, and
  • Safety surveys to Code requirements which we can arrange.

Our team is experienced, qualified and well able to assist in any registration business including mortgages and the cancellation thereof. With over 40 years’ experience, we have ongoing knowledge and the contact knowledge so highly valued in this industry.

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