ABM provides value added service relating to the formation of companies in the BVI.

Approved and Incubator Funds

Tailored for smaller and start-up B.V.I. regulated entities the Approved and Incubator Regulations of 2015 offer a flexible and fast approach to carry out financial services activities.

Qualified entities do not require SIBA licensing and are exempt from the Regulatory Code.

The commission endeavors to process these applications within two (2) business days. This can only be achieved if the application is complete and the persons involved qualify.

The key is in setting out the directors academic and work experience on a detailed timeline and consecutive curriculum vitae. Full detail of work done must be spelled out.

Approved Funds

Approved Funds are limited to a maximum amount of One Hundred Million US Dollar (USD100,000,000.00) and twenty (20) investors. Investor minimums are Twenty Thousand US Dollar (USD20,000.00) each. A regulated Administrator is required and full details must be included in the Application.

Incubator Funds

Incubator Funds are limited to 2 years in duration (an extra year may be applied for), Twenty Million US Dollar (USD20,000,000.00) investment value, do not require an Administrator and have the same Twenty Thousand US Dollar (USD20,000.00) minimum investment.

Both are investments of a risky nature and considered high risk investments for sophisticated investors only.

Neither needs audit although they can be if desired.

ABM has the skill and experience to advise, draft and submit such applications. Both require a Fund Representative. This services is offered by our regulated entity Offshore Investment Representatives, Ltd. with license number SIBA/AR/16/1104.

Private and Professional Funds and SIBA Licensing

ABM Corporate Services, Ltd. has the ability, knowledge and experience through its employees and consultants to provide the full range of licensing under advice and drafting SIBA. We have attended on advising Private and Professional Funds and SIBA licensed Managers and Traders. Our consultants can provide expert advice on all aspects of Fund and SIBA law.

Fund Representative services are offered through Offshore Investment Representatives, Ltd.